In the last 18 months I have had 1 girl aged 18, a good looker and great sex

In the last 18 months I have had 1 girl aged 18, a good looker and great sex

Got a long reply from Naomi Campbell similar to the one sbove soliticing me to join a website. Nice pics, anyone hear or her? She’s at: [email protected]

Was the site that [email protected] that guy

at least it cards f we dont use our credt they get preety rounchy one sends me pics naked and nasty lol got over on them

currently talking to megan. She’s sent me two different pics, one of which she looks completely different. Now back to cruising chicks the old fashioned way ??

here is some really good advice that I am sure most of you do not think about. If you have any experience with a credit card and you took the time to think about it you would realize that: A Credit Card is just that and cannot be used as an ID according to FEDERAL LAW. Think about it no one asks you for a credit card to prove who you are or your age. Only a government issue ID is acceptable, ie. Driver License, Passport, ect. A cop doesen’t ask for your credit card when they pull you over… License, registration and credit card info please. LOL… Remember FEDERAL LAW prohibits the use of a credit card as an ID. Ask a bank.

Indeed that is my usual response to “associates” who work for these sites (ie a cop never asks for a credit card when pulling you over. Also ANYONE can obtain a prepaid card that functions like a regular debit card REGARDLESS of age or background). I then inform them that I will require their credit card information for “my safety” as well.

Thank you so much for this website! I almost got scammed until I did a google reverse image and read up on the reports. Now I can relax.

Ha I got a chick in a gstring with my name but if you examine closely the c for chancellor barely hangs on the edge of the paper it has to be a photoshop with a faunt ??

The scornful replies received make for great entertainment!

I got a girl to write my name on her tits, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I’m still laughing as I’m typing.

Umm its not real, don’t give yourself a pat on the back buddy…. Boobsigns is the site they use to make it LOOK LIKE it’s just for you.

I seem to be swimming against the tide here. I am a 69 year old overweight guy who has got fed up with all the rip off sites. I now stick to:- Craigslist, Vivastreet and gumtree. 1 girl aged 24, a a fair looker and great sex. 1 girl aged mid thirties, part of a couple, brilliant sex monthly. 1 lady aged mid fifties, weird but brilliant sex. Could go on, 12 in total and no fees. The strange thing is they all prefer older men.

They got me,waiting for the badnews ..The same girl amyoh Am I going to have to cancel my credit card,because you can’t even log on to the sit let alone cancel yourBS subscription.Wish I would have seen this first.

Haa yea been scammed and not to much luck been on about 10 sites But Craig’s list I did actualy pick up (after going threw all the spam) arranged to meet at a bar and sat wondering of I fad going to sit there all night but no she told me what she was wearing saw her rock up(or a chick dressed the same haaa) and wow way an awesom night But yea that’s 1 out of about 300 ??

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